2011 - Present

In 2011, Albert Adrià started an association with the Iglesias brothers (Juan Carlos, Borja and Pedro) from Grupo Iglesias Barciela, owners of a number of high-quality restaurants in Barcelona. Together, they undertook an exciting project called elBarri, so named due to the concentrated position of all their restaurants in the Paralelo neighbourhood of Barcelona.


Thanks to a team instilled with the values that Albert helped form in elBulli, they have raised the bar for gastronomic excellence. Each restaurant establishing its own style, but adopting the same principles:

  • Tickets (2011), contemporary cuisine with a new take on the world of tapas in a fun and informal atmosphere.
  • Pakta (2013), a Nikkei cuisine restaurant born of Albert’s admiration for Japanese and Peruvian cookery, in which he venerates the union of these two cultures and pays homage to his Mediterranean roots.
  • Bodega 1900 (2013), where the Spanish tradition of having an appetizer is celebrated.
  • Niño Viejo (2014), a tasty and welcoming taco restaurant that pays reverence to the most popular Mexican cuisine and shares floorspace with Hoja Santa.
  • Hoja Santa (2014), a contemporary culinary expression of the purest Mexican sensations.
  • Enigma (2017), the last restaurant in the group, successor to 41º Experience and where Albert offers his most exquisite and refined vision of a fine dining experience.

Bullinianos elBarri

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