elBulli1846 is located in Cala Montjoi (Roses) and includes the old restaurant space and Marketta’s house. From 2019, an exhibition lab will be housed there to continue with the projects initiated in elBulliLab in Barcelona before its transformation into LABulligrafía.



We plan to program research cycles recruiting creative teams of the highest stature and utilising the Sapiens methodology through its philosophy of “innovation through understanding“. In a practical way, this will enable us to research and experiment on creation and innovation to improve efficiency, with entrepreneurs and SMEs as the main recipients of the knowledge generated. We will undertake a Sapiens test on our own discipline, developing the Sapiens method for the fine dining sector in the West.


The knowledge and applications generated concerning creativity in the fine dining sector will be published online.


As a research tool, live exhibitions will be held in elBulli1846, forming an integral part of the work system of the team.


In addition, we will organise Experiences, for a limited period each year, aiming to explore the limits of the gastronomic experience.


At the present time, we anticipate that elBulli1846 will be open to visitors in the future, although in a reduced and supervised manner.




From 2019

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