2000 - 2012

In 1995, elBullicatering was born, with the idea of moving the gastronomic offer to a wider public, whilst adapting it to the demands characteristic of service for this type of event. It was an important initiative, since elBulli was one of the first high-end restaurants to enter the world of catering, something that was criticised at the time.


The main office of elBullicatering was opened in the kitchen facilities of the L’Aquàrium de Barcelona, under the direction of Eduard Roigé and, over time, became a reference for events focused on haute cuisine.


In 1998 elBullicatering was also established in Madrid at El Casino de Madrid, where, in addition, we acted as consultant to the La Terraza restaurant. Both projects in Madrid were led by Paco Roncero.

Bullinianos Punts

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