2013 - Present

elBullifoundation is a private family-based foundation. Established on February 7, 2013 with the backing of Ferran Adrià and Juli Soler, it was founded through a desire to transform elBullirestaurante, pursuing a vision of the future based on an ambition to continue promoting innovation and creativity using the language of the kitchen, and to leave a public legacy.


Funding is provided by the Adrià and Soler families, together with contributions from our angels.


elBulli illustrated how a small company, with limited resources, could change the way a discipline is understood. With disruptive innovation as the defining factor, elBulli achieved something that had never been done before.


elBulli completely changed the paradigm of the fine dining sector. This success gave us license to face a new challenge encompassing not only the field of gastronomy, but also the field of innovation.


Through elBullifoundation we want to continue fostering creativity and innovation and sharing past, present and future experiences with any individual or organization that has the desire and courage to improve, evolve and innovate.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Foundation is made up of Ferran Adrià, Albert Adrià, Isabel Pérez, Marta Sala and Ernest Laporte. Juli Soler was the Honorary President of the Foundation until he passed away in 2015. Without a doubt, elBullifoundation owes so much to him.

Corporative Department

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