elBullihotel Hacienda Benazuza

2001 - 2011

When, in 1998, we took charge of a project at Hacienda Benazuza, our intention was to transfer the philosophy of elBulli to the restaurant of this hotel located in Sanlúcar la Mayor, near Seville. From the outset we acted as consultant for the La Alquería restaurant, in addition to taking responsibility for hotel breakfasts, which became one of the features of the Hacienda. Later we increased our involvement within the hotel, opening two more restaurants, La Abacería and La Alberca.


The fine conceptualization of the project, together with the strenuous efforts of professionals such as Rafa Morales and Rafa Zafra in the kitchen, and Alejandro Haurie, Pepe García and Juan José Morán in the dining service, led a few years later to some important awards, including two Michelin stars to La Alquería restaurant.


For us, it was a project that excited us enormously, and in which we aimed to incorporate our philosophy. The dream was to transfer the several hours of pleasure given at a dinner service to the 24 hours a day of a stay at the hotel.

Punts Bullinianos

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