2014 - 2017


From April 2014 until the end of 2017, elBulliLab has been the main functioning headquarters and a research centre occupying a space of 2,000m2 located in Calle de Méjico in Barcelona.


The research carried out at elBulliLab has Sapiens (a methodology developed to understand and organize knowledge around a subject area) as a unifying thread and lays the foundations for the projects under development at elBullifoundation:

elBulli1846, an exhibition lab located in the old elBullirestaurante in Cala Montjoi.

•  LABulligrafía, which will occupy the same space as elBulliLab and house the historical archive of elBulli.

Consequently, elBulliLab has already begun its transformation. Many people, who believe in elBullifoundation and in this project, from all corners of the Earth, have dedicated innumerable hours of effort to turn it into reality, provoking interest and establishing relationships and institutional and academic collaborations of the highest level.




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