1981 - 2011

It all started with a mini-golf in 1961… Hans Schilling, a German homeopathic doctor, and his wife Marketta, born in Czechoslovakia but German by adoption, arrived in Roses at the end of the 50s and, after falling in love with Cala Montjoi, decided to purchase a parcel of land there. In this way elBulli was born. 

50 years later, on 30th July 2011, elBulli closed its doors for the last time as a restaurant, having become a real culinary legend all around the world. Juli Soler, Ferran Adrià and Albert Adrià managed to gather together creative talent of the highest level to help them along the way; young men and women, many of whom have themselves become authentic leaders and standard-bearers in the contemporary gastronomic panorama.


elBulli was much more than a restaurant. It was a sentiment, a way of life, that will stay with us for always in the projects that elBullifoundation carries out, and within those people that adopted and defend, day by day, all its values.


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