2000 - 2011

Following its conception in Talaia restaurant and, importantly, its 1997 move to the Aquarium of Barcelona where the headquarters of elBullicatering were located, the concept of a creative workshop grew in relevance and also in terms of our needs.

This is how elBullitaller was born in the year 2000.

Led by Ferran Adrià along with Albert Adrià and Oriol Castro, it had the collaboration of the key people in the elBulli kitchen, together with other creatives with whom we had established an interdisciplinary synergy that also produced spectacular results in many other aspects, beyond the kitchen, of the fine dining sector.

Located in part of an 18th century palace in Calle de la Portaferrissa in Barcelona, ​​next door to the Boquería market, elBullitaller became the world’s first creative workshop opened by a restaurant and a path to follow for the many chefs who understood the importance of dedicating the necessary resources to the creative system for their projects.

Bullinianos elBulliTaller

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