Talaia Mar

1994 - 2004

1994 saw the opening of Talaia restaurant in Port Olímpic in Barcelona. For a time, we carried out a consultancy role there, a turning point allowing us to venture further into our research into creativity.



Following our decision to close elBullirestaurante during the winter season, we needed a dedicated space to bring to fruition the ideas that were generated during the creative process. And so, often, between 4 and 7 in the afternoon we would go to the kitchen at Talaia to undertake our research.


Throughout that year our ideas were taking shape, although they weren’t fully realised until 1996, following the collaboration of Talaia chefs Marc Singla, Carles Abellán, Sergi Arola, Oriol Balaguer and Alex Montiel, among others. This resulted in an extremely fruitful two-year period in which we took decisive steps to move towards our dream of having a workshop open all year round, dedicated exclusively to the creative process. This came with the opening of elBullitaller in 2000.

Bullinianos Talaia

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